Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Palin Resigns - World Outbreak of Palinresignationism, New Health Disorder

Palinresignationism: Origins, Symptoms and Treatment Regimes

Symptoms and Presenting Pathologies:

This new malady is now manifest among a good portion of media outlets of all kinds in the United States and to some extent, media around the world. The disorder has now infected the general population. They outbreaks are most apparent anywhere groups of news consuming individuals may be found. It is general knowledge among health professionals and researchers that this new and rapidly spreading disorder first surfaced at a small and restricted gathering in a small town in Alaska on July 3, 2009. Due to the high transmission level of the disease, it spread immediately to populations across the country and infected pockets of international populations as well.

Symptoms present themselves differently according to predisposed factors in those who fall victim to the disorder. For some it brings on intense euphoria, for others it manifests in mild depression, with intermittent bouts of delusions about the future.

In all subjects, Palinresignationism has been found to bring about at least some degree of confusion, ranging from mild puzzlement to extreme degrees of distress. It also seems to include a pin point focus on a single topic, which induces belief in an exaggerated relevance of its importance.

Additional symptoms are once again predicated by various preexisting conditions and may include strong bouts of rationalization and/or illusions about the future. Many subjects have an extreme desire to prognosticate about future events and display a desire to speak publicly and authoritatively on this topic. This manifestation of the disease is generally accompanied by some degree of false confidence and bravado.


Authoritative professionals and researchers are still uncertain about how to best control this outbreak. Some efforts are being made to diminish its effects by extreme exposure to various forms of the disease in the hope that the cure may be found within the pathology of the disease itself. However, for some who have fallen prey to this disorder, further extreme exposure is likely to bring about lingering and possibly permanent damage. The time lost in pursuing this course if it is ineffective can have disastrous consequences.

A new and radical treatment regime, not yet accepted by a number of mainstream practitioners, is to consciously increase availability of alternative health options. These practices are consistent with the most basic expectations for healthy living conditions such as providing clean water, appropriate nutrition, shelter and breathable air. This treatment involves a concerted effort by victims of this disorder to exercise and expand their awareness of alternative behaviors. Most of these simple exercises include increasing the subjects visual field and consequently increase mental awareness of a broader perspectives. This seemingly simple and alternative solution is considered by some as having no relevance in the practice of professional health care. However, as has been found in treatment of other diseases, a simple change in diet and lifestyle have been highly effective proactive measures eliminating the need for other extreme treatments, procedures or need for medications in the future.

The disease is dissipating rapidly where subjects have been successful in following this simple regime. As noted above, high dosages of Palinresignationism are almost certain to have a continuing negative effect, however, it has been shown that limited, intermittent and discreet exposure to Palinresignationism may be advisable in order to avoid outbreaks of this disease in new and as yet undiscovered forms.