Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bob Poe sides with Alaska Natives in opposition to WAR

Lat week the Alaska Federation of Natives and the Association of Village Council Presidents came out in opposition to Wayne Anthony Ross as Governor Palin's choice to fill the post of Attorney General - and as we just covered in the Who, What? post below, is already being referred to in the Gov's press release as having the AG title.

Bob Poe, who is planning to run for governor of Alaska in 2010 has issued a statement in solidarity with the two Alaska Native organizations.

Here is a portion of his statement:

"The Attorney General is supposed to be Alaska's attorney to represent all Alaskans within the Executive Branch. We have already seen Governor Palin's first Attorney General lean too far to support the Governor's personal position in the matter concerning Commissioner Monegan, why now does she support a new appointment who is likely to broaden the gap between urban and rural Alaska. Isn't it time for the Governor to choose an Attorney General who will represent the needs of all Alaskans?" added Poe.

"In these challenging economic times we should be focused on working together as Alaskans, rural and urban, for our common future," said Poe. "Isn't it time Governor Palin show the leadership to pull Alaskans together, not drive us further apart? Mr. Ross' appointment, unfortunately, will be one that further divides us."

Bob Poe has a website for those who are interested in learning more about his views and positions.