Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sarah Palin's Dangerous Words

Sarah Palin's words are dangerous. The press release she put out in response to the newest ethics complaint against her is misleading and inflammatory. It is essentially a call to arms and her supporters are prepared for the attack. If any amount of research is done, one can see that the ethics complaint has some significant grounds for consideration, (links and more information below) but Governor Palin has cast it in the worst light, depicting it as a totally facetious charge and as a result, the person who filed the complaint is now vulnerable.

Palin's response, similar to calling Obama a 'terrorist' is another case where her words put another person at risk for her own purposes. In both cases, she attempts to make a whole group of people feel threatened by someone that is really only a threat to her ambitions. I think this is the worst thing about Governor Palin and, in my opinion, the reactions of those who are not in her camp need to be extremely measured, clear, consistent and calm. I feel that raising the level of emotional charge around this issue is not at all advisable. We can hope that others who have public standing may rise to the occasion and address the validity of the ethics complaint, or at the very least, the right for a citizen to file such a complaint so that the individual who filed this most recent complaint will not be an isolated voice.

There is a point where any playfulness and joking about Palin's policies and practices in office have to be put aside. The total nonsense in the national press making fun of her Alaska roots and hunting ability, or portraying her as this kind of cute, upcoming and sassy politician all need to be put to rest. The aspect of her personality revealed by her response to this ethics complaints is nothing if not serious.

I will not rehash the complaint here, but you can find it through the link below along with some additional research. This is not intended to be a complete compilation of items related to the complaint, just a few things that showed up. Please investigate further and judge for yourself.

The original ethics complaint:
Scroll down the page to find a link to a PDF of the complaint.
New York Times news piece with video on the Iron Dog Race
“Blood, Sweat and Duct Tape”
On this video, which shows a clip from the year before Governor Palin became a presence on the national scene, Governor Palin can be seen waving the flag at the end of the race (I think it is the end). She is wearing a long coat, no logos of any kind. She shows up at about 2:40 or so on the tape. Early in the tape the announcer mentions that Palin's new found prominence brought nationwide awareness to the Iron Dog Race.
Numerous pictures showing Governor Palin and others associated with Arctic Cat, her husband's race sponsor, at this year's event all wearing Arctic Cat matching outfits (hopefully these don't get pulled) Just to clarify, the governor was present to preside over portions of the event in the official capacity of her office.

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