Sunday, September 6, 2009

Word Clouds, sometimes they say it all....

I was reminded to day of word clouds. Here is a word cloud of the post on my Mom's death, Somehow the way the word INSURANCE stands out by itself, and MOTHER is within a tangle of words seemed to reflect the sense I had when writing this post. The words seemed to fall into relationship with each other in a way that was consistent with the emotions I have about the circumstances surrounding her passing.

 Wordle: My Mom's Uninsured Death

(This image is from Wordle - found at Images of Wordles are licensed)

The discussion on health care reform continues. No matter what your opinion, please continue to join in the discussion. It is important at this time that we define ourselves as a people who gives careful consideration to substantial issues. We are deciding now what kind of society we will be for the some time to come, certainly at least for the duration of the Obama presidency. The loud, angry, bullying and dishonest voices must not decide for us who will be. No matter what kind of health care bill we get, they are not the people who have any right to effect the outcome. Speak up, be heard.

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Alaska Small Business Health Insurance said...

It has been some time since the posting of this article. But as a health insurance professional. I deal with cases every day of denial. It is very important as the repeal of Obamacare is taking place that we come to some middle ground on making sure there will never be another denial to anyone for health insurance.