Thursday, January 1, 2009

Help Alaska be represented at the Presidential Inauguration!!

Hello Readers - Please consider helping two Alaska groups to make their way to Washington DC to participate in the inauguration. It would be a shame not to have representation particularly this year, 2009, when Alaska celebrates it 50th Anniversary as a state. We should have a significant presence!!

UPDATE - at last word both of these groups are going to the Inauguration, but could still use a bit of assistance to make the trip easier on them and avoid eating peanut butter and crackers everyday. So, if you are interested - they are still accepting donations and support.

The Palmer Colony High School Marching Band received the minimum amount needed to go on the trip as of Jan 8.

The Suurimmaanitchuat Eskimo Dance Group has purchased their tickets, but are still looking for help to cover remaining expenses. They have a goal of an additional $15,000. They are the only Alaska Native group that is participating. There are elders from their community traveling with them. The group itself is made up of people aged 6 to 84. The memory of this event will live on with the young ones for decades to come and be shared with future generations.

Please consider helping one or both of these groups -

Colony High School -
9550 E. Colony Schools Drive, Palmer, AK 99645 |
907.861.5500 PHONE| 907.861.5509 FAX

Contributions for the Suurimmaanitchuat Dancers can be forwarded to:
Native Village of Barrow
Att: Eunice Brower
Box 1130, Barrow 99723.
For more information, the group can be contacted by e-mail at or by phone at 907-852-4411.