Monday, December 22, 2008

Will you help encourage Quality NEWS COVERAGE of Alaska?

Please join me in an effort to encourage reporters and media outlets to do news on real issues in Alaska. There has been tremendous coverage of Governor Palin, her candidacy for Vice President and much about her family, personality and new found fame. In the meantime, Alaska has many issues of importance that are rarely seen in the media.

So, rather than writing lengthy blogs about these issues, I would like to encourage you to use your power of the keyboard to encourage news coverage of substantive issues in Alaska. If you see a story that covers real news - such as a recent story in the Wall Street Journal on the Alaska state budget, encourage the writer to follow-up on the success of the budget in making its way through the legislature. In this case, Palin's budget has already gotten a response from a Republican legislator from Anchorage who asked her to redo the budget with a more realistic eye on projected revenues. The reporter didn't mention this in his story, but I am hoping that next time he might.

COMMENTS - are a good place to mention news related issues, especially when the stories center only on topics such as Palin family matters, etc. This is where I have been inserting information on the suicide rate in Alaska (third in the nation), the number of reported forcible rapes (first), or the severe problems of rural Alaska, for example.

I will post quick info tidbits here that you can use as examples if you are willing to join me in this effort. Perhaps we can budge the news coverage to look at the viability of our current administration and what it may mean for the future of Alaska and the country.