Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pre Election Posts -

I had taken all of these articles down after the election was over, but in light of the new story that has broken about racist jokes circulating on Alaska state government emails, I am putting up several of the original posts as they may yet again be of interest.

I do hope that we are headed to a bright and better day.... and that Alaska will be one of the places that leads the way, not one of the places that causes us to drag our feet and become lost in the haze of narrow thinking and pettiness.

When the first post went up, it was linked from several sites, eventually made its way to the Associated Press, picked up by the Washington Times and was mentioned on NPR. So, I had felt that the mission was accomplished as far as moving the discussion along.

For ongoing coverage of Alaska issues in a well-written blog, I refer you to The Mudflats. For general sanity, I refer you to Thanks for reading.